The Chief Function


A fact of life. The chief function of the cat owner is to carry the famous cat around as it suits him. If you’re lucky, you might find time for an espresso and dark chocolate. But don’t assume it’s going to happen. Life can be hard and unfair. For a cat owner.
Good night, good morning, and good luck.

27 responses

  1. One needs the espresso and dark chocolate to provide energy if one is going to be hauling around a sedan chair like that one!

  2. Well, but — you have to admit Mr. Bowie’s brilliance. I love how he’s placed himself diagonally, for maximum stability when you lift the sedan-chair. This is magnificence by merit. It’s a rare thing in this world. Cats rule.

  3. Not saying I hate doing laundry, but I always wondered what those things where for 😀 Cleopatra made it regal but Mr Bowie makes it super cool…Hail to the King of Chocolate.

  4. Sam enjoys a good ride in the laundry basket. His favorite is when my husband ties a bit of string to the empty basket with Sam inside and pulls him around the house…..perhaps he thinks he’s Mario Andretti ?


  5. SURELY….there is something more royal than a laundry basket…altho’ nothing quite as secure for the occupant and the lightest weight possible to accomodaate his (!)–? 🙂 Mr. Bowie and Herman—you are both invited to an upcoming Picnic I’m giving in celebration of a SUNSHINE AWARD. Please check my blog within the next few days as to what to bring…and how to get there! 😉

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