Bedtime Fears

What should you do if your cat says he’s too scared to go to sleep? Keep your cat away from scary TV shows, movies or stories that may add to his fears. Use your imagination and be creative.


Your cat should stay in bed and find out for himself that he really is safe so that he can learn to overcome his fears.


PS: This post was possibly inspired by actual events.

48 responses

  1. Sometimes my girls hear noises outside at night and get scared. It’s a quiet neighborhood so noise is startling. But they are in bed with me and I can reassure them. Your first photo really captured an apprehensive face on Mr. Bowie. I’m glad you added the second picture. I have to thank you and Mr. Bowie. I signed up for a photo class. Some day I hope to have pictures of my cats as good as yours.

    • Thank you, Angela. I’m sure you’re going to have a great time following a photo class. Unfortunately, I had to quit evening school (digital photography) this month due to some personal issues.

  2. Bowie is simply divine, Herman. Were he mine, I’d be spending the entire day following him around with a camera. Lui Stringer, however, finds places to sleep where I can’t even see him, let alone photograph him, the little (? – nearly 7kgs) beast. Sighh …

  3. oh dear, well happy thoughts Mr Bowie. This is exactly why I don’t watch scary movies….to many bumps in the night. Become one with the bed……oh wait, you are 😀

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