Looking for Dad


Come out, come out wherever you are,
I know, I know you’re not very far!

I was a freediver in my younger days, Mr. Bowie. I can hold my breath for a long period of time. I’ve actually never met a mermaid in the ocean, though.

16 responses

  1. My cats are very curious about what I do in the shower. They follow me up to the point I turn the water on. One runs away then, and the other sits there, fascinated (!!!) by what I am about to do: “Are you REALLY going to step into that water?” his expression seems to say. As soon as I hit the water, he must get a sprinkle or two on him because then he runs away! I’m glad, then, I can close the door and enjoy my shower without two cats staring at me!

  2. You were a free diver, wow, you might still be in that tub………..look real hard, Mr. Bowie. Last week when we had below zero temps for the first time in years, there was a danger of water pipes freezing in basements, So, I left the water dripping in my bathroom sink during the bad cold. MaChatte had never seen water dripping before, and she thought it was a wonderful idea! She went back to it several times and played with the drops, catching the drops and getting them on her paws and drinking it as it came out. It’s amazing what will entertain a cat.

  3. It looks like Mr. Bowie might be trying to figure out how to get the bubbles without getting wet. I’ve had several cats that loved to chase soap bubbles from a kid’s bubble pipe. Only Shinki the Bengal actually likes to splash in the water.

  4. I love that the kitties follow us everywhere…who else can we count on to be such intrepid companions? Perhaps not a leap in the bubbles- but a cuddle once safely warm and dry with a cup of hot chocolate and a few biscuits.

  5. Hello Bowie and happy 2014 🙂 Watch you don’t fall into the bath, it won’t be pleasant! I used to have a mermaid in my living room 🙂 Not a real one of course, my human had sculpted it but it was life size, I used to hope she would come to life at night, I googled some voodoo spells but never had any luck.

  6. Mr Bowie is possibly the cutest cat I’ve seen – and that says a lot, as a cat owner myself, I normally consider my cats the cutest, of course. Talking about cats following you in the shower, my family member’s dog always follows her in the bathroom (you know where) and is very upset to be shut out…

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