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Allergic Dermatitis? Oh boy, I’m so tired… The route to be followed in order to find the correct diagnosis often takes a long time. This is for both the cat owner and the veterinarian sometimes very annoying.


Today, I took Mr. Bowie to Natalie, an experienced cat dermatologist.  She performed some additional medical tests. Mr. Bowie may be allergic to either food or environmental factors like dust, pollen or mold. Food intolerance is not uncommon in cats. Natalie recommended to gradually replace Mr. Bowie’s food with a new hypoallergenic food for the next 8 weeks.

And to be sure, two samples of ear wax were sent to the lab to exclude fungus, parasites and infections. We’ll have the results back in three weeks time.


Don’t worry, Mr. Bowie. I’ll stand by you. And you got a lot of wonderful devoted followers and fans.

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  1. Not at all unusual to have allergies and often it is with food but I bet that specialist will get it figured out quickly……meanwhile perhaps Mr. Bowie will like the new food! I’m sure both of you hope the end of ear issues is near – it’s a worry for both of you!

    Sending hugs………….Pam and Sam

  2. Sorry to hear this Mr. B. Our past vet is studying now to become a dermatologic specialist ’cause cats have lots of allergies. Our angel sisfurs, Daphne and Steamer, had bad allergies. We had to stop getting real Christmas trees ’cause Steamer was allergic to them. Good luck. We really want you to get better. MEOWY CATMESS! MOL, HO, HO, HO! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia ,Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Callista Jo

  3. Hopelijk gaan we uiteindelijk weten wat er aan de hand is, alleen zullen we nog wat geduld moeten oefenen…Bowie kop op het komt wel in orde!

  4. Oh Mr. Bowie and Herman – I do hope you get to the bottom of this seemingly bottomless pit of problems. Despite all your troubles I do hope you have a nice holiday and may 2014 be loads better for you two! Take care.

  5. Figuring out WHAT a cat is allergic to can be most challenging – hope the offender makes itself known sooner than later.

  6. Allergies are tough. My angel kitty, Harley, had allergies for his 17 years and I never knew exactly what caused it but the culprit initially created a growth in Harley’s ear and a constant battle with ear cleaning and a prednisone regimen. I hope Natalie can exclude a few things, perhaps pinpoint the cause. Til then, give Mr. Bowie a few chin scritches and belly rubs (if he allows that) from me.

  7. Poor sweet little boy, I’m sorry you have to go through all this, Mr. Bowie. And I’m sorry for you too, Herman, I know it’s stressful when your little boy isn’t feeling his best.

  8. I know how it can be to be going from vet to specialist vet to… another vet, so you both have all our support. I hope the new food does the trick. Hang in there Mr. Bowie! We’re all sending plenty of purrs and hugs!

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  10. One of my cats had that.

    Her skin itched so badly that she licked it off in huge scaly patches. Switching her from Science Diet and Iams to hypoallergenic MaxCat cured it (and all three foods are excellent for cats not allergic.)

    Perhaps this will help Bowie’s chronic ear infections, as well.

  11. Poor Bowie, I bet he is fed up of the vets 😦 I hope that his problems are sorted out soon and that he is feeling better. Hope you both have a pawsome Christmas. Purrs to you both, Morris.

  12. You do have lots of well-wishers! Take it easy on yourselves for a few days and here’s hoping that you’ll get to the bottom of this problem soon. Have faith, Mr Bowie! And Happy Christmas!

  13. Granny says fresh raw cream fed to kitties solves all skin/ fur problems. It’s an essential oil problem, compounded by lack of sunshine/ Vit. D in the winter time. Same goes for humans! Granny knows best, hugs & kisses to you both! Granny is now a huge fan of Mr. B, lol. Yay!♥

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