Fun on a Rainy Day

Are you bored Mr. Bowie, just watching the rain, wishing desperately you could go outside? Find something fun to do. Maybe you can watch a movie. Movies are a great way to pass time. Make paper airplanes and fly them across the room. Make shadow puppets with your paws and a flashlight on the wall.


Practise your spying techniques. Create tents by draping sheets over the sofa. Get tuna pizza delivered for lunch and eat it picnic style on the floor. You can make a rain catcher if the rain keeps coming. Or just stay in your cat bed all day.


I’ll keep you company, my friend.

27 responses

  1. Rainy days can be fun if you find things to do. You two have some good plans. It’s 60 here this morning, how strange is that 3 days before Christmas in the north eastern US……squirrels are out hunting for tidbits to eat and MaChatte is running from one window to another watching them. That will entertain her till she decides its nap time. Herman and Mr. Bowie, have a lovely Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh dear Bowie……a rainy day is a nap kind of day…..and I know you might be just a bit bored and sad you can’t go outside BUT make the best of things and relax…..dream of Santa Paws coming to town!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. Lovely photos!!! Bowie, you’ve been busy the whole year round so take a nap on rainy days or better yet pose for great photos with Herman, *winks*..Happy Holidays to you both..

  4. Oh I have a bored cat inside, I wish i could send him over for a play……he has torn his tendon and needs an operation. Mr Bowie he is an outdoor cat and he is going mad being kept confined in the four walls of the farmhouse.

  5. I have just this minute discovered your blogsite, Mr. Bowie (and the bloke behind you, but hey, he doesn’t really count, does he?!), and I am impressed by the devotion involved. Purrsonally speaking, I believe firmly in being absolutely devoted to one’s cat, breed or plain moggy. You are a very handsome fellow. I shall return to address you again.

    • Hi Margaret Rose, welcome on HoB and thank you for visiting the blog. Much appreciated!
      And you are so right, just don’t pay any attention to me… It’s all about Mr. Bowie!

  6. Oh Mr Bowie, so glad to have found you again. I just stopped getting your posts in my reader but now discover I must have inadvertently unfollowed you. Sorry my boy I would never have consciously done that, you are one of my faves. Glad to see your handsome face once again. Xxx

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