Being Cool

Why do celebrities wear sunglasses indoors? Well, to look cool and to help them see while all the lights are focused on them, i.e. flash photography, spotlights… That’s why Mr. Bowie was interested in my Dad’s sunglasses.


My Dad braved the winter chill just to say hello to Mr. Bowie and see how he’s doing.

Update: We have made an appointment with an experienced cat dermatologist next Monday. The lab results were negative but Mr. Bowie’s ear problem isn’t solved yet. I’m so disappointed right now…

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  1. Lief van de Ba om Bowie te komen bezoeken en nu weet hij ineens wat te kopen voor Bowie: ‘een zonnebril’!
    Maar Bowie toch zo blijven sukkelen met uw oortje, het komt wel in orde hoor!
    Baasje maak u maar ni te veel zorgen. 🙂

  2. Your Dad is looking well and a walk in brisk air is so refreshing. I’m disappointed for you both, I hope this specialist can shed some light on this persistent ear trouble. Hang in there!

  3. What a challenge for Mr. Bowie. So sorry….The little sick feral kitten I took in just had her third appointment in a week, and another coming up on Monday. Figuring out what’s wrong with these guys when they can’t tell us is quite the challenge sometimes.

  4. Two cool cats there!

    What a shame Mr. Bowie’s ear hasn’t healed yet, although I’m glad the test results were negative. I hope the specialist vet can find the root of the problem….

  5. Herman, I am so sorry to hear about Bowie’s continued ear troubles. What a bummer. Too bad you’re not stateside…I know some awesome specialty hospitals here. Good luck!

  6. Herman so sorry Bowie’s ear issue persists….I bet that specialist will know a thing or two to bring this to a conclusion – no doubt both you AND Bowie would appreciate that!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Prayers and best wishes from the Australian chapter of the Mr Bowie fan club. XX
    Hello to Mr Bowie’s Grandcatfather. 🙂

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