Same Place, Another Time…


Black, hot and pure. My espresso machine broke down and it is no longer profitable to have it repaired. I went to the Antwerp Nespresso Boutique to buy a new one. What is a man without a cat, chocolate or an espresso machine? Lost and helpless.

While I was waiting, someone caused a huge commotion amongst the customers in the Nespresso Boutique Bar.

Mr. B is inside

Not this time, my girl… It was George Clooney or Matt Damon. I’m not sure…

38 responses

    • Het model dat ik wou was er niet in ‘t zwart of grijs. Heb dan dit nieuwere model gekozen, volledig in ‘t zwart. Werkt prima!
      Grappig en hip: de reservoirs hangen vast met magneten…

  1. Great to see you Mr Bowie. You would make a great model but I believe you would rather just relax with Herman. 🙂

  2. I …..LOVE….Mr. Bowie’s new spokesperson. Will she become a regular feature (sorry, Mr. Bowie…I am still a human male, ya know!)???? Coffee, chocolate, beautiful women and cats….sounds about perfect…maybe not PRECISELY in that order!!!!

  3. Oh my yes, there must be espresso’s 😀 . I’ve been shopping these for a bit but I want the milk froth unit so I can have cappuccino or latte’s so I’m waiting for a sale. I might be willing to pay full price though if George Clooney was in the store, or Mr Bowie…it’s a close call 😉

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