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  1. Haha Mr. Bowie, we love it! 🙂

    And hey Bowie, thanks to a blogger who has nominated us twice we have already reached the full 6 stars for the Blog of the year 2013 award! We didn’t know one was allowed to nominate the same blog twice, but since this seems to be in accordance with the rules, we have decided to give you a second star too! 🙂

    For more info please visit our blog:

    Congratulations, sweet Bowie! We hope you reach the full stars in no time! 😀

    Kitty hugs,
    Roxy & Tigerlino

  2. Hello Herman and Mr. Bowie!

    I had this funny little side-bar on my blog suggesting I ‘follow’ you two! I thought I was :). I reclicked ‘follow’ so now maybe I won’t miss any adventures! Happy Monday…hang on to those fabulous oven mitts Mr. B!! Christine

  3. Yeesh, what’s a poor cat got to do to enjoy the comforts of a snooze around there? I think it should be ‘finders keepers losers weepers’ ! If Hermans been very good this year, maybe Santa will put a new pair under the tree.

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