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  1. Oh NO, nothing for Mr. Bowie. I know you have good treats and good cat kibble packed away for him, cos you take good care of your best friend. Check those bags out anyway, Mr. Bowie, you just never know………….

  2. Hi Herman,

    I notice you post a lot of B&W pictures. I am not a big fan of B&W, though I admit it does look good in particular occasions. The choice is one of the artist, and I don’t have a saying regarding that. I would love to know your honest opinion on B&W photography.

    • I like B&W because it shows a greater contrast between light, dark and shadow. Color only shows clarity in light and definition (according my teacher) but it’s more emotional. Some people say B&W is more ‘arty’ but that’s not why I choose it. I think it’s more honest, more revealing the object that you shoot.
      But then again, maybe I’m in a B&W phase of my life… πŸ˜‰

      PS: Have you seen the color picture of my previous post, Magic Land? I really love those colors.

      • Yes I did. That one was… magic. In fact, it’s the contrast in between these two pictures that made me wonder. Thanks for your answer, it sounds clear and logical to me. Perhaps I should experiment with B&W myself.

        • To be honest, I don’t really know which one I prefer… I like both ways of taking photographs. Thanks for your interest, Tom.

    • Jones, my previous cat, also liked bread but not white bread. Mr. Bowie doesn’t like bread. He will go for the treats…

  3. our one cat doesn’t eat coffee cake, but if we leave any crumbs she’s right on them – guess it isn’t worth the effort to create her own crumbs – the other one demands we show her what we’re eating to prove it’s nothing she likes (which is a little controlling considering she doesn’t like any ‘people’ food)

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