The End of Summer

Going the wrong way. The seasons affect the activities we do, the clothes we wear — and quite often, the moods we are in. I wish summer would last forever. Seriously, I do not like winter. The days are dark and the nights are cold. So, Mr. Bowie, enjoy this last warm and sunny day.


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  1. We are kindred spirits on this one! If I had the money, I’d follow the sun round the planet. On a seasonal basis, obviously. Doing it daily would require a Tardis.

    • Love that idea! We just got to pick the right (sunny) destinations… A Tardis would come in handy, though…

  2. I’m with you, not a fan of winter. (Although Christmas is not the same without snow.) I’m only hoping it is not as long and cold as last year. Enjoy the last days of warmth, Herman and Bowie, for they are few.

  3. I’m a summer person as well and my today’s post is also about the seasons. At first I wanted to name it something like “I don’t like fall” but then I changed my mind… have a look if you like. 🙂

  4. Wat een prachtige foto…de kleur van Bowie zijn ogen en de pluis van het lampenpoetsergras… ik ga de dagen buiten ook missen!

  5. Yesterday I could have told you about the wonderful fall weather we’re having, then today it went to hell in a hand basket. Cold, windy and dare I say, wintery. I’m with you Bowie, clinging to sunny moments by the tips of my aqua fingernails. You look so cozy in the tall grasses. I could have used your expertise last night, we had a mouse in the house. We rescued it by opening the door and sending it outside 😀

  6. Aww what a beautiful guy! Great shot. I also want to say thank you Herman for the kind words you left on our blog, they really meant a lot. Wishing you and Mr. Bowie a wonderful week!

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