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  1. I have had them for years. Even had to update them because they wore out! The critters are a bit nervous at first but then it becomes “sport” Dear Mr Bowie looks so handsome peeping through his cat door!

  2. Warning: with cat flap comes adventure! For example, when I arrived home today I could tell there had been high drama in the living room. Feathers everywhere! It is absolutely amazing what they can drag in through the cat flap….

  3. I know what you mean! I get up to let the boys in or out SO many times each day. Or to shut the door to keep mosquitoes and the heat out when Milo lets himself in or out. I’ve taken to locking the door when I remember now otherwise we can end up with a door standing wide open when we least want it. lol Wish we could put in a kitty door but alas, we are apartment dwellers so that’s a no-go for us. Cheers to your new-found freedom from opening doors! πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for looking at my blog at thekittycityreport.wordpress.com! I love your blog, and Mr. Bowie. My 8 cats are all indoor only, so kitty doors are not an issue, but many live in different rooms due to illness, incompatibility (sounds like divorce court, doesn’t it?) etc. So I do these constant shifting of cats around to make sure everyone has time in the “main house” and gets visits from me throughout the day. It’s a full time job, a bit like opening the door for kitties!

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