Feeling down. Mr. Bowie got his medical check up yesterday. It was a real bummer. His ear infection isn’t cured. We are actually fed up with this situation. Poor poor Mr. Bowie. So, he’s back on medication. The vet told me that keeping Mr. Bowie indoors wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ve tried to explain this to Mr. Bowie. Unsuccessfully.


De-stress: back home from the vet.

De-stress: back home from the vet.


Stress: 2 hours earlier at the vet office.

Stress: 2 hours earlier at the vet’s office.

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  1. Chronic issues like that are so frustrating. “Keep him indoors…” Right! Our kitties drive us nuts if they don’t get to go “outside”, and they have a catio (large outdoor caged-in area) they have 24/7 access to.

  2. Oh wat ziet hij er zielig uit op die eerste foto!!!
    Ik hoop echt dat deze keer alles wel goed geneest.
    Veel beterschap lieve Bowie en veel sterkte H. om de zalf elke dag in zijn oortje te krijgen ;).

  3. I am not about to give advice when you have seen a vet, but I have had cats with ear trouble because they have become allergic to fleas and is pretty severe…….but hope handsome Mr Bowie is better soon.

  4. Poor Mr. Bowie…..that’s a tough infection to beat apparently. I’m sure BOTH of you are wishing it would just GO AWAY. Maybe the meds will work this time but no doubt you have little faith in it (ask Bowie and I’m sure he’ll nod his head that he feels likewise).


  5. Herman, whenever my mom’s kitty get eye/ ear infections, she administers colloidal silver drops. It stops bacterial infections within the hour and kitty is no worse for wear. Long courses of antibiotics are not good for anyone, esp. animals – it screws up their immune system long term. Research/ google “medical grade micro cluster colloidal silver” – no side effects and all natural remedy.
    Good luck Mr. Bowie, WE LOVE YOU, get well soon! ♥

  6. Mr. B., That all sounds just plain awful. Ear infections hurt and staying in the house sucks. Please get better super fast. We’ll be praying for you and sending healing purrs. Hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Poor Mr Bowie nothing worse than an unresolved issue always drains the energy of all concerned..i do hope he gets a resolution to his problem sooner rather than later big hugs Fozziemum xx

  8. Please research some systemic way to help his immune system. I heard about colloidal silver too but would not know how to administer it safely. Maybe a HOLISTIC vet should be consulted. Let us know.

  9. Ohhhh Mr. Bowie Minnie is wishing you well and good as new very soon….and I Minnie do not like going to the vet at all….do not like m crate or the car either….so I am sending you big kitty hugs from me, Minnie and my Mom HRCG:)

  10. The vet day is a real challenge, gentle hugs to both of you but mostly sweet Mr Bowie. Looks like you got the ‘cold-shoulder’ Herman. They have a way of telling us when they are annoyed with us. That definitely is a “how could you bring me here” in the kitty carrier. I sure hope you can figure it out soon, ear aches are the pits.

  11. Poor both of you. Mr Bowie has “stressed cat ears” inside the cat container but looking better on the couch. So not fair! on both on you!

  12. Infection caused by mites, isn’t it? One needs to apply Surolan and regulary remove half a teaspoon full of black goo, using cotton buds, carefully sparing the inner auditory channel. Turns out tedious, sometimes. Get well soon.

  13. Ear infections are no fun. Mr. Bowie must have special allowances for the misery he’s in. Has your vet ever suggested pulling a few ear hairs (single hair at a time of course). After you get the hair out and remember don’t do too many and never do all of them at one time – gunk (wax and such) should no longer collect in Mr. Bowie’s ears and he should have free sailing.

  14. My heart goes out to Mr. Bowie. Both of you must be so tired of this. I hope this doesn’t mean that he can never go outside again – or perhaps this is just temporary. I’m sure he’ll understand though – just play him some good dvds- maybe Batman or a James Bond – to take his mind of his little ear.

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