Trick of the Mind

Faces in objects. People have claimed to see Jesus, the Virgin Mary or Elvis in their burnt toast, sandwich or an oddly shaped potato chip.
A small study from Finland, published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, has attempted to find out what types of people are most likely people to pick up on these visual perceptions. “An ability to see faces is more common in some people than others due to differences in how our brains process information,” says Tapani Riekki, a doctoral student in the division of cognitive psychology and neuropsychology at the University of Helsinki. “It’s normal, and actually fun, that our mind plays tricks and triggers the face perception when no actual faces are present,” he suggests.
   Based on a article.

Maybe it’s just my imagination but I see something on Mr. Bowie’s head. You can see it too, right?


Mr. Bowie says “Oh no!! The blonde pillow thief is running naked through the house! Correction, MY house…”

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  1. I saw a bat too–the dark on Bowie’s ears are the bat’s ears, and the fur pattern between is its eyes and nose. That’s probably what you saw as a kangaroo–some people see the faces, some people see them entirely differently!

  2. Having already read the other posts… with my eyes wide open I see the bat, when I squint I see the kangaroo… and now I see a serpent slinking around Mr. Bowie’s face… I think I had better stop looking!

  3. My brother and I amused ourselves to embarrassingly long times seeing what we could find in the markings of a ginger tabby cat I used to have. Differences in how light hit his hair, body position, where he was in relation to us revealed any number of interesting figures in his hair!

    I saw a deer, myself, in Mr. Bowie’s fur. Tabby cat patterns are very pretty no matter what.

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