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  1. I’ve got it too……if I didn’t have it I would have had my second novel written years ago…..some things last a LONG time! Hopefully not for you…………we all need our “Bowie fix” !


  2. Dear Herman, you are SO lucky to live in a land of excellent chocolate. When I stopped at “the largest candy store in MN” yesterday, I was thrilled to see an entire table of European chocolates…

    PS: Fantastic shot of beloved Mr. Bowie- his best side captured.

  3. My oh my, what pretty eyes you have Mr Bowie. Georges Lemaître, another famous Belgian, but not as cute as you, discovered the Big Bang Theory. So perhaps it will come to you in a Groot Knal?

  4. When you get a minute, pop over to my blog and see the little British Shorthair cat mat I am making inspired by Mr Bowie. It has the colors of British Shorthair cats featured in it but mainly blue like Mr B. 🙂

    • Hi Sharon. Thank you for using Mr. Bowie as source of inspiration. We are truly honoured. Bowie says “Meow!” I think he would like an Australian Eastern Brown Snake ( a nice one) to play with…

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