Back To School


Thinking of going back to school? Yes I am. Evening-school. Digital Photography. Three modules of 16 weeks. I wish to have greater creative control over my equipment. Photography is more than just having a camera and taking a picture.

Mr. Bowie, can I borrow your pencil and ruler?

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    • Neen, inschrijven kan pas vanaf volgende week. Ik ga eerst ook nog naar de info-avond. Zie alleen enorm op tegen die examen…
      ‘t Is eenmaal in de week les, op maandagavond volgens de brochure.

      Misschien kan Bowie ook mee als fotomodel…??

  1. I am starting a short (6-week, one day a week) digital photography course in September… I want to have control over the camera rather than the other way around.

    • I want to get more out of my camera. Digital cameras have so many features (and they are often not used to full effect).
      The course starts in September, one day a week, on Monday evening.

    • Thank you Liz. I just found out about the digital photography courses. It’s in my hometown so let’s give it a try…

    • Thank you Pam. I learned a lot from following blogs of many amazing photographers. But going back to school is a new challenge…

    • Thanks! I’m also looking forward to meet new people with the same interests…
      Sorry Mr. Gibbs, that ruler was a birthday gift…

    • Hi Charles! I want to have more control over what I’m doing with the camera. Sometimes, I just don’t know what I’m doing, I just take photographs…
      Thanks for hanging around.

  2. I’d like to do the same .. I need to learn a bit more about the controls. I keep thinking I’ll do it when I get an extra few hundred dollars, but, I end up spending the money on books. 🙂

    Actually, I am thinking I’ll take the class in the spring …

    I hope you enjoy your class, and look forward to seeing the way your photos change….

    • Some say the only rule in photography is that there are no rules. Being a self-taught man, I like to believe so. But there are some basic rules that can help you take more interesting and eye catching photographs.
      And I also need to learn more about all the controls of my camera.

    • Hi Vanessa. Welcome on HoB. Thank you for following. Much appreciated!
      You got an amazing blog. I’ll be hanging around there…

    • Thank you David. I’ll keep you informed about what’s happening at the evening-school, especially about the dark chocolate issue… 😉

  3. One of the things we did in my digital camera class that I thought was fun was to leave the shutter open for a long time and using a flashlight make words or hearts or just circles. The show up in the photo as bright continuos light. Maybe an idea?

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