Thunderbolt and Lightning

Very very frightening me (and Mr. Bowie). Yesterday morning, we were hit by a heavy storm; it brought thunder, lightning and heavy downpours of rain and hail. The storm severely damaged a lot of houses in the neighbourhood. One house was struck by lighting and caught fire. Several trees were uprooted due to strong winds.


I was lucky. Only a few party banners were damaged by the hail storm. But a big plum tree was uprooted in my sister’s yard. No plum jam this year, Sis.



Mr. Bowie was outside during the lightning storm. I tried to find him but it was to dangerous out there. I guess he took shelter under a bush or maybe in the garden house. He got back inside after the storm had passed. He was completely soaked to the skin.


‘What are you looking at? This isn’t funny…’

47 responses

  1. Oh, Bowie! I worry about you going outside. Perhaps you can find peace, joy, and distraction inside the house?! You need to keep an eye out for the blonde pillow thief anyhow…

  2. You must have been so worried about Mr. Bowie! The poor thing, he deserves many hugs and kisses.

    Thank goodness your garden didn’t have more damage but it’s a shame your sister lost such a big tree. At least it fell in the “right” direction and not on her house! These crazy storms….

  3. Oh Mr Bowie, what an awful experience for you. The noise would have hurt your poor ear. And Herman needed your help indoors; stay inside please in dangerous times. Hope the sun is shining again.

  4. Herman I’m so glad you and Mr. Bowie had no more damage than the party banners……sorry about your sister’s plum tree though. Sounds like a really scary storm and I’m glad Mr. Bowie found shelter out there – poor guy – he certainly looks none too pleased to be “wet and wild” !

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. Bowie is saying: WHAT was THAT!! I’m so glad you didn’t have any more damage than you did and everybody is ok. We get them quite often here in the summer and you never know what a bad storm will do. Hope that’s it for a long time!

  6. Oh Mr Bowie! you are brave! the weather around the world is really misbehaving!! we had very strong winds last night!…I feel for the Plum tree…and your banners..all torn up! I don’t know if you were helping your emergency services out there Mr Bowie but I am sure dad needs your help more!
    Take care in the crazy weather hugs Fozziemum

  7. Oh my, code yellow! Thunder has now arrived in Amsterdam city and the temperature is tropical. Hope Bowie didn’t catch a cold. Oh well, that’s probably not possible with a personal jacket that gorgeous!

  8. Now I’m scared for Mr. Bowie retroactively!!! My Fergie must have had bad times like that as a stray because when it thunders, he cowers behind the dryer. Keep safe Mr. Bowie.

  9. Poor Mr. Bowie – glad he’s okay. I was taking care of a client’s cat this evening when thunder hit here and the poor girl ran right into the closet tail tucked. So I curled up in the closet with her for awhile…poor kitties!

  10. Neen het is helemaal niet grappig. Na het onweer van deze nacht is kelder vol water geschoten. Gister boom omzagen en vandaag kelder kuizen, amaai wat een weekend! Maar wel weer prachtige foto’s op de blog!

  11. Well….I have to say that to me Mr Bowie is a brave cat!!!! I can not imagine if the storm had been here…Sigh, one of my Border Collies, would have hidden or jumping on my arms or both at the same time, shaking, and terrified….Neo, the other Border Collie would have been under one bench, but relaxing,…(because he is a Little bit deaf! ) 🙂

  12. sorry bowie, but i laughed (in a good sense of it) seeing you all soaked and wet because you still look so cute … but i’m happy that you’re safe..

  13. Wow Mr. B. you looked rather scraggly after being caught out. Almost all of us have gotten caught out like that before. Glad you got home safely. It must have taken you quite a bit of time to put your furs back in order. Sorry about the plum tree. Our mom’s favorite jam is Damson plum. We have had lots of bad storms this summer with trees uprooted and badly damaged (along with homes). Hope that’s the last of the bad storms for you. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. Poor Mr Bowie! Good to know that he was safe though. My feline companion (Fish-Pie) came home looking like that one day after falling in the neighbour’s pond! But I guess he got what he deserved for attempting to go “fishing”…

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