(Not) IMBY

The fly-over. I did (not) trespass to take these photographs. It’s a place called Geel Punt, not far from my hometown. This is a part from the redevelopment of the infrastructure Geel-West and the junction between the N19 and the E313. Subject: the fly-over over the new interchange and the stay wire bridge over the Albert Canal.


In the end, I was chased by a massive guy. I had to run for my life…


17 responses

    • Hi Jonathan, the tracks go under the bridge. I couldn’t get much closer because of security guys keeping an eye (on me)…

    • It’s not really my backyard, it’s a 4 km walk/drive… But I love watching the development of industrial projects.

      • Ah, I see what you mean now by the (Not) in your title. I like industrial projects if their developers/designers remember not to make them an eyesore.

    • Oh yeah, I got my espresso (and dark chocolate)…
      The symbol below means that they have rooms available to organise seminars. But I prefer your observation…

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