Take Me Home

Temptation! I went to a cat show today. I met this sweet, 4 months old little fellow. A British Shorthair. He wanted to come home with me and be friends with Mr. Bowie. He gave me his phone number and email address.


But his human told me I had to give her 400 Euros. Evidently I also need to talk to Mr. Bowie. Let me think about it…

Update: Please keep in mind, when you adopt from a shelter or rescue group, you’ll give a cat a second chance at finding a home and you will not add to the nation’s pet overpopulation problem.

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  1. Very cute. Looks like a great cat that would make a wonderful birthday present. As for me, I don’t go to cat shows, because I want to take them all home;• )

  2. What an absolutely adorable kitten. He’d be very hard to resist, but 400 Euros sounds awfully steep when there are so many kitties without homes. Can’t imagine Mr.B would be too happy about the little interloper, but that has never stopped our mom from adding another kitty to our household. Can’t wait to hear what happens. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • 400 euros is indeed a lot of money and you’re probably right, Mr. Bowie wouldn’t be happy with this fellow hanging around…

  3. While he is very cute, this is the reason I don’t go to the local rescue shelters as I want to rescue them all. All my cats (and I’ve had cats all my life) have always been adopted from rescue shelters where they otherwise would have been euthanized. And, as I am sure you know, some cats don’t like to share their domain so it is a tricky business if a cat has been on his own for many years.

    • This is so true. I’ve been helping a local rescue shelter for 12 years now. I know what you’re talking about.

  4. Think about this. By buying one cat, you are saving one cat. By not buying the cat, you are saving all these other cats which are being commercially produce for money, not the well being of said cats, while hundreds of cats are desperately in need of a house. Never buy a cat. Adopt one from a shelter, or from one irresponsible person who got kitties and giving them away. By buying, you are encouraging the mass production of more cats while there are already more cats than available houses.

    • Hi Tom. You almost make me feel guilty… 😉
      Thanks for your honest comment on this subject. Appreciate it. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve been helping a local cat rescue shelter for 12 years now. People should indeed adopt more cats instead of buying one.

    • Here’s an update on today’s “Take Me Home” post:
      Please keep in mind, when you adopt from a shelter or rescue group, you’ll give a cat a second chance at finding a home and you will not add to the nation’s pet overpopulation problem.

  5. Ouch! (Above)

    Yes, cat shows are dangerous…I adopted a third cat many years ago, at a time I was living in a one bedroom flat. 🙂

    Having said that, “Mr. Jagger” is indeed darling. Has Mr. Bowie commented?

  6. Oh Mr. Jagger (which I do think would be a fabulous name for him) is absolutely adorable. He’s got a great face and marking and I think those eyes are saying “TAKE ME HOME PLEASE!!!!”…..Herman you have more willpower than I would have had! 😉


    • Ik had hem bijna gekocht. Het waren 4 of 5 katertjes uit hetzelfde nestje. Het is een beetje jammer dat de grijze strepen niet donkerder waren (want dan had ik hem zeker gekocht! 😉 ). Wel grappig dat deze kleine onmiddellijk naar mij kwam…

    • That’s true Rumpy, but you can’t find a British Shorthair cat in a shelter or rescue group in this part of the world. They are very popular over here.

  7. 400 Euros? Holy cow! That is one expensive kitty! But he’s so cute…Those eyes…I can see why it was tough not to take him home. But shelter cats are just as sweet. Tigger was a shelter cat and I’m so glad I rescued her. 🙂

  8. One year ago I gave into the kitten temptation and brought a family of four feral kittens home–much to the horror of Duke, our old and grumpy family cat. Today, they all sleep in a pile, Duke and all. Perhaps Mr. Bowie would be ok with a new friend? I wouldn’t want to see him unhappy, though….

  9. Oh dear!! I do think it’s true (mostly!) that cats find their owner, rather than the other way around. That probably doesn’t help either! Looking forward to the next episode!

  10. oooooooh, I hope Mr. Bowie approves! Please, please, please Mr. Bowie? Having a little brother will be a pain in the tail for a while but then it will be cool.

    And the little one will have a home!

  11. If I bought another kitty home, I don’t know what kind of reaction the king cat and princess kitty (that already reside) here would have. It probably would not go well. But I really don’t know…..

    • No problem. There are too many cats waiting for a home. I wish more people would check out a rescue shelter before buying a cat.

  12. So adorable and irresistible! I would have liked to have a cat but they charge extra rent around here for having a great companion! Take care and thanks for liking posts on my blog! I love the photos on yours along with your commentary, too.

    • Thank you for hanging around HoB, Robin. Much appreciated!
      Charging extra rent for a cat!?! They should pay you extra, or lower the rent…

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