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  1. I get walked on by two cats, get up, brew some Yorkshire Red and juice an apple, an orange, some celery, carrots and a big wad of kale. The juicing machine doesn’t even scare the cats any more, they say “if she doesn’t eat meat that is more for us”

    If I drank espresso I would vibrate at a frequency too fast to remain in one piece. First thing in the morning! You’re made of iron!

    • Well, your way of waking up is very healthy, no doubt about that. But this iron man needs to wake up the hard way…

  2. Now tell the truth. Does Mr. B eat the chocolate??? Sip the espresso …. keep up to date with the papers. Give us the skinny… we all know that we are just staff for cats. Virginia

  3. What a lovely setting. Kitty needs a brushing, tho! 🙂 Seeing pics of Mr. B always makes me want to leave work and go pet my cats.

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