Thinking things over. June offers warm nights for watching the sky. I like lying on my back in the garden. Gazing at the sky. Why look upward? My Mother told me sky gazing is a way to feel release from the narrow confines of the personality or ego.


Mr. Bowie joined me after a while. But he got bored and went chasing moths. I was attacked by giant mosquitoes. Catnip and garlic are effective naturally ways to repel mosquitoes. Mr. Bowie, can I have some of your catnip, please?


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  1. Beautiful sky shot and beautiful stargazer – he looks like he’s enjoying it as much as you probably were Herman! Sam loves moths too…..(to eat and to chase).


    • Ja, twee avonden terug. Had de tripod mee naar buiten genomen en een lange sluitertijd gekozen. Heb wel het duivenkot van mijn buur moeten wegknippen…

  2. We’re not sure which photo is more stunning, the sky or Mr. B. Our mom says she thinks what your mom told you is great, and she thinks she’ll try some sky gazing from our upper deck where the catnip grows, to avoid mosquitos and any other pesky bugs that might not like it. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

    • Thanks! I’m going to borrow Mr. Bowie’s catnip myself the next time… Too many angry mosquitoes out there…

  3. Mr B oh … do come and live with me …. I shall gather all manner of goodly things for your delight …

  4. Garlic and mosquito? I never know about it, but my mother recommends “mosquito repellent!” She’s happy that nowadays there are sweet smelling ones 😀 Have a great summer !

  5. My goodness, when I saw how many people had liked this, I was very impressed. I like to lie on my back or sit on a bench where it is really dark, no city or town lights, and watch the sky. I like what your mother taught you, that it is a way to release your ego. I also feel it is a way to appreciate what we have and are able to see. Those that are blind would have a hard time imagining the depth of the stars and the way it effects you looking at the limitless collection of blinking lights across the heavens…

    • Hi Reo, welcome on HoB. Thanks for following!
      I just came back inside from gazing at a dark sky… and looking for Mr. Bowie!

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