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  1. Nice ink! Don’t see the cat, nor my publicist getting inked any time soon, but her nephew, a total sweetheart, has two “sleeves.” Maybe I can convince him to have my image tattooed somewhere, if there’s any space left, xo LMA

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We share a lot in common it seems. I too am a proud father of a lovely daughter and I certainly love Alice in Wonderland. I wrote a graphic novel that heavily references it. And, even though I don’t have any tats, I keep thinking I will someday. Yours look very cool. I have a handful of designs in mind.

    • Hi Henry! Welcome on HoB. I also don’t have a tattoo. It’s my nephew’s beautiful tattoo. Sorry for the misunderstanding…

      • Thank you. My son loved it! He is a huge Cat and esp Cheshire cat fan. You gotta love the internet. Shane has grown up with Mr Bowie and sees nothing unusual about keeping up with his feline adventures half a world away! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of art on your arm. I’m terrible at puzzles and as such, looked and looked but can not see a cat. Hope your day was delightful, sorry I’m late, very very late.

    • Hey Boomdee, that’s not my arm girl. And there’s no cat in the picture, like Rumpy says, he’s invisible! It’s the Cheshire Cat!

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