Here Comes The Flood

Taking a rain cheque. Mr. Bowie isn’t going to work today. No blackbird detection on his radar sensors. His nest is soaked by spring rains.


Some of my best friends believe the end of the world is near. Sometimes, I believe them. Today, I wish someone eventually could cure a common cold. Cough. Cough. 

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  1. Oei, regen? Hier schijnt het zonneke (nog).
    Zijn je vickskes al op? Of helpen ze geen bats?
    Veel beterschap in ieder geval…

    • Ga seffens een nieuwe doos Troc kopen, en ook nog wat spekken eten. Dát, zal ook wel helpen… 😉

      PS: deze foto is van eergisteren, maar het regende hier net wel…

  2. We’ve had a lot of rain here lately…..I think I’m growing moss on my fur!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom who isn’t growing moss on her!)
    Get Well Soon

  3. I’m laughing because it was pouring rain here the other day, and we’ve let HMC out on a leash so much that he howls to go out. I had to hold him out in the rain for a few seconds to make him stop howling! Ellie

    • This is really funny. It happened to me too. Bowie always wants to go outside when it’s raining. But he’s always back inside within a minute…

  4. It seems you almost get too much rain or not enough. In San Jose they barely see rain at all but would love some. Sorry to hear you are under the weather (no pun intended), I Rx a nap with Mr Bowie, if you still have pillows and blondie hasn’t taken them. Feel better soon

    • Thanks Boomdee! They say ‘one piece of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away’ so…

      PS: Can you mail us some San Jose sunshine please? Glad to read you’re having a great time over there.

      • Thanks Herman, we’re currently in San Francisco and it was windy and cold today….I about froze. But as it goes, it beats a day at the office. LOL

    • That’s funny, Bowie likes running in the rain too! I always have a special towel ready when he gets back inside… But he doesn’t like hard blowing wind.

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