Suddenly, Everything Went White

White Light. White Heat? I don’t know what happened to the HoB blog. The background color in my posts has suddenly turned white. I don’t know why, but the background color won’t change back to grey. The sun’s influences on the earth are numerous but does the sun have an influence on my computer?

Meanwhile, Mr. Bowie’s enjoying the sun in my garden. If you can’t beat Mr. Bowie, join him. And I think that’s what I’ll do.



Update: The background color problem was solved by Philip Arthur Moore,  a Theme Wrangler on the Premium Theme Support Forum at Thank you very much!

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  1. I think I can help you fix your color problem. Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Select THESIS. Under that select DESIGN OPTION. You will find a heading that says: Fonts, Colors, and More! Click on that and then the heading, Body and Content Area. There you will find both site background colors and page background colors. Click on each of those and you will get a color scale on which you can move your cursor until you find the shade of gray you want or any other color. Good luck. I really hope you can fix your problem. And “hi” from the kitties to Mr. Bowie. Sincerely, Janet

    • Thanks Janet, I’ve been there but it seems I can only change the background color, not the actual color of the front page. Still wondering why it suddenly changed to white…

      • So the page background color button didn’t let you change it? I know that WordPress has a forum. Maybe you could get some help there. I do have “WordPress for Dummies” and can look in it; though, I am usually too dumb to understand it. Good luck. Janet

        • I just posted the question on the specific Elemin theme forum. Thanks Janet.

          (But, the more I see this white background, the more I like it… 🙂 )

  2. I’m with Rumpy…..when you weren’t looking Mr. Bowie decided his beautiful GREY coat looks much more spectacular on a WHITE background (although we think he’d look good on any color obviously HE has his own ideas about it!).

    Hope you both enjoyed the garden and some sun….
    Pam and Sam

  3. Mmmmm peculiar for sure. I noticed my hairs going white too but I put a colour in it and ta-da! I’d recommend dark blonde over grey…giggles. You look so fetching in the garden Mr Bowie!

  4. Update: The background color problem was solved by Philip Arthur Moore, a Theme Wrangler on the Premium Theme Support Forum at Thank you very much!

  5. You look very fine in the sunlight Mr Bowie … you make it too easy for Herman to take great photos 😉

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