Close Encounter

First contact. In catology, a close encounter is an event in which a cat witnesses an unidentified living object. There are three basic kinds of encounters; more sub-types of close encounters were later added by other researchers.
First kind: visual sightings of an unidentified living object or creature.
Second kind: visual sightings plus the accompanying of physical evidence.
Third kind: sightings of “occupants” in and around the garden.


‘I think I saw the Easter Bunny…’
I don’t think so Mr. Bowie. I couldn’t find any chocolate eggs!

26 responses

  1. Bowie looks like he is in defensive mode! Perhaps he kept the Easter Bunny away! Cleo is outside right now checking to make sure the bunny hasn’t come to her yard!

  2. Those chocolate eggs would be well hidden…are you sure you looked hard enough? Mr. Bowie obviously is on to something. I really hope the Easter Bunny got away from him, cos he looks like quite a hunter.

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