Intercultural Breakfast Event

Have you ever tasted a Mexican, Egyptian or Chinese breakfast? A friend invited me to a special event with international breakfasts and inspiring speakers about health care in different regions of the world – The Middle East, Iraq, Thailand and Africa.


Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we missed the famous American breakfast – home made thick pancakes with maple syrup.

Mr. Bowie had dinner ready when I came home that evening. He caught his second shrew-mouse. Guess Mr. Bowie’s not a great hunter or maybe he prefers my home cooking…

I took some pictures for Natuurpunt, a Belgian organization. They are doing a questionnaire survey of the numbers of animals brought home by domestic cats. Natuurpunt’s operation has a broad social context. It is useless to work for beautiful natural areas when the degradation of soil, water and air in the environs increases. Natuurpunt steps into breach for an endurable world for mankind, plants and animals. Not only here, but also around the world.


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    • Bowie heeft dus meegewerkt aan deze studie. Jammer dat Jones niet meer leeft, die zou een paar meldingen per weken kunnen opsturen… 🙂

  1. Oh, I do love Mexican breakfast tacos! My floors are usually littered with crickets, grasshoppers, and lizards when I get up in the morning. Which is fine with me! I like those little things WAY more than the mice, rats, birds, and snakes my precious kittens sometimes get ahold of!

  2. Sam enjoys a tasty shrew but only if bacon is also served :). Looks like a wonderful breafast event you attended Herman. Natuurpunt sounds like a very interesting organization doing some great research on our environment. Mr. Bowie and Sam are both environmentalists of a sort – keeping our environments safe from invasion by shrews, moles, mice, bugs, and other assorted intruders!


  3. I think Mr Bowie is just wondering if it is big enough to share with you. You were very good to help him measure his catch. Does Mr Bowie know how to divide by 2?

  4. I like that — “endurable” world. Over here in the USA we keep rabbiting on about “sustainable” — this is fair enough, it seems to me, to focus on rock-bottom concepts like “how much toxic sh*t can we dump, how much habitat can we slash and burn, how many species can we lose, and still get away with without the whole thing collapsing completely.” But “endurable” — now that really speaks, in my mind, to how much we can STAND of this wanton behavior before we lose our souls completely.

    Mr. Bowie understands these concepts, I see. He hunts only that which he can eat.

    RIP little mousie, rock on Mr. Bee.

  5. Het ziet er allemaal smakelijk uit en zou wel willen proeven…alleen van de muis niet!!! Smakelijk Bowie…heeft hij daar van gegeten?

    • Ik heb op die event alles opgegeten, zelfs dingen waarvan ik niet wist wat het was… Het lekkerste was iets met spinazie en kaas uit Griekenland.
      Bowie heeft die spitsmuis laten liggen. Jones at die beestjes ook niet op…

  6. I feel torn. On one hand, I want to root for Mr. Bowie for doing what he evolved to do. On the other hand, I feel sad for the little mousie. I find mice very cute and I like them. But such is the cycle of life, I guess.

  7. Great catch Mr. Bowie. Can’t blame you, though, if you would rather eat your mom’s cooking. You have no idea where that thing has been! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  8. Tigger is not allowed to go outdoors since I live in the city and the idea of her roaming around somewhere close to traffic makes me very nervous. So, she’s never brought me much of anything dead that she’s “captured”. But one morning, a long while back, I did wake up to find her toy mouse in my slipper. I think that was her way of showing me what she had done the night before. Also, in that instance I’m really glad it was her toy mouse. Can you imagine if it had been a real one?

  9. Ummm … all those breakfasts were missing that important something – chocolate. Only extra-thick pancakes with maple syrup doesn’t need chocolate. 🙂

  10. I love breakfast food, especially when someone else makes it. Nice of Mr Bowie to offer. Our country cat Paco was a relentless mouser. Also bringing home bunnies and squirrels……yuk…I’ll stick to french toast.

  11. Very interesting event — inter-cultural breakfast. At first I thought you were actually doing a post without Mr. Bowie in it. That would have been a first. Then I saw that the breakfast even was just the setup for Mr. B’s breakfast. Our tabby, Merlina, is a good hunter. Fortunately, she leaves her catches outside the door. Thanks for your wonderful posts and photography, Alia

  12. Poor little mouse. What a great little hunter Bowie is. And I love Mexican food, out here in the desert you can get the best Mexican food. We have thee best Sororan hotdogs. I use to love eating them….when I was a meat eater.

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