Turn Things Around and Be Okay

Paws on Herman. The hunter becomes the hunted. Mr. Bowie becomes a professional photographer. Now I know being in front of a camera can be awkward and very uncomfortable.


Mr. Bowie, you have developed some photography skills. You managed to put yourself in the picture without using Photoshop.

34 responses

  1. Well done Mr. Bowie…..Herman will make a photographer of you yet! At least you were able to capture the elusive Herman on film….almost!

    Pam and Sam
    p.s. tee hee on “Paws On Herman”….. 😀

    • Thank you John!
      Mr. Bowie’s getting better every day. He’s still on medication for the next 5 days…

    • We waren ook wel tevreden met het resultaat. Op de andere foto’s was ik te herkenbaar maar uiteindelijk bleek deze toch de mooiste te zijn…

    • Photogenic… that guy behind the picture…?? 😉
      Mr. Bowie’s feeling and looking better. Thank you.

  2. The elusive Herman not in his natural habitat! Good job Mr. Bowie and I hope your ear is feeling better.

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