Newsflash #2

We had something to celebrate today. It’s almost my dad’s 88th birthday. Dad is one of the oldest inhabitants of the village. Some local officials payed tribute to him this afternoon.


My dad is a World War II veteran, a devoted husband and caring father. Lately, my dad’s life wasn’t easy. He lost his wife, a son, his brother and many of his best friends. But he never gave up on life. Respect! Love you dad.


Update: Dad wants to thank you all. He was very happy with all your heartfelt comments on today’s post.


Should we buy him an iPad for his birthday?

48 responses

  1. Your dad must be a wonderful man, and it’s so appropriate that a tribute was given to him. He’s still enjoying each day. And smiling about it all!

  2. Happy almost-birthday to your lovely dad! Today’s my almost-birthday too! Tomorrow I will be, I truly forget how old. Because I’m that old. I will have to go to my gang tomorrow — they don’t do housecalls — but it’s time to celebrate.

    • You’re not that old Bugs! We’ll be thinking about you tomorrow…
      Bowie says “Meow!”, I guess it means “Happy BIrthday!”

  3. Such a lovely celebration to honor your Dad…..I love his smile – a life well lived is its own reward but how lovely that the village recognizes him on the occasion of passing yet another year there. Wonderful.


    • Ha ha ha … You’re right Bob, you won’t see me in in a coat like that. But it’s all about local folklore and tradition.

  4. Your dad looks so happy, what a cute guy. I’m sorry to hear he’s had a rough time lately, thankfully you are together to support each other. Very heartwarming here today Herman, as you know I also was very close to my dad. I want to say to him, thank you for your selfless sacrifice and service in WWII and Gelukkige verjaardag.

    • The outfits look rather funny, I know, but it’s all about local folklore. You won’t see me walking around like that…

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad! It’s wonderful that local officials recognized his contributions and helped celebrate his special day. 88 sounds like a lovely age…I hope he finds fun ways to enjoy each day of his 88th year!

  6. Happy Birthday to you, wonderful grandfather of Bowie, father of Herman! Your face reflects the love you receive, and share… We thank you for letting us travel the journey with you. And yes, you should have an iPad to keep up with your son and Mr. Bowie!

  7. Happy Birthday from a fan in Australia. Definitely buy him an Ipad for his birthday and have some cake for me. XX

    • Baasje was wel buiten op straat moeten gaan staan om een verbinding te maken met internet. De Ba was onder de indruk van al die internationale commentaren…

  8. This is precious and powerful. I love that he is the oldest in the village. Who gets to use the word “village” any more? 🙂

  9. We think your dad looks awesome and he’s obviously ready to celebrate! What a joy for your human to be able to enjoy all those years with him. Mr. Bowie, will there be catnip in the cake??? Be sure to wish him a very happy birthday and many more…..with many more cakes!

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