Germs. Last evening, I had to take Bowie to the veterinarian. Bowie was shaking his head and scratching his left ear a lot. And I noticed a discharge in his ear. Besides an overall examination, my veterinarian performed an examination of Bowie’s ears with an otoscope. She told me he had a severe ear infection. The infection is caused by bacteria. I have to treat it using ear medications that contain anti-fugal and antibacterial ingredients.


Oh no…!! What is she doing…?? I want to go home…

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  1. Cats LOVE having their ears cleaned and medicated. Have fun with that. Mr. Bowie, we’re there in spirit for you. Hugs, Zoey, Lily, & Lucy

  2. Callie wouldn’t even be on the table. She just stays long enough for a brief exam then spends the rest of the visit on the floor beside the vet. Hope Mr. Bowie’s ears get better soon..

  3. Oh poor Bowie. Get better quick! And poor Herman. We don’t feel right either when our babies are sick! I hope you didn’t have to get a s…h..o..t.. I tried to say it slow, can Bowie spell?

  4. Mr. Bowie, We cannot believe what a good boy you were. If our mom doesn’t hold onto us, we are off the table and looking for an exit. Of course, she has to get us out of the carrier first. MOL. We are really good at holding onto the inside of the carrier. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  5. Get well Mr. Bowie!

    One of my dogs had a similar infection last month, and the ear drops and ear washing cleared the whole thing right up.

  6. My gosh, all my favourite friends are getting some ailment lately, sorry you had to endure a trip to the V.e.t. Bowie. Daddy will have you right as rain in no time 😀 Mary Poppins recommends ‘a spoonful of sugar’…maybe go with the chocolate instead

    • Het is helaas niet simpel om die zalf in zijn oortje te doen. Je moet een buisje bijna 3 cm diep in het oor steken… Ik zoek iemand die kan komen helpen, 1x per dag… 😉

  7. Laat je maar verwennen door je baasje, nog efkens en dan kom ik je ook een kopje geven…ik hoop dat je me nog kent!

    • Wiske, kan jij niet komen helpen? Ik moet nu 10 dagen zalf in zijn oortje doen en Sis kan niet komen helpen… 😦

  8. How are you feeling now Mr Bowie? I too sometimes get ear infections, and the only thing I can eat at the time is mashed banana! Everything else is too painful to chew. Might be worth bearing in mind if you’re feeling hungry.

  9. Poor Mr. Bowie…though he is looking on with trepidation, at least he is sitting on the table like a brave boy and doesn’t need to be restrained…

  10. So sorry to hear our friend Mr. Bowie has an ear infection….BUT now that he has medicine, perhaps it will quickly clear it up and all will be well again….meanwhile Herman, we suggest a bit of chocolate for you – you’ll need your strength to keep up with those ear treatments!

    Pam and Sam

  11. Hang in there Mr. Bowie. Just think how much better you’ll feel and how much more you’ll hear when those stupid germs are gone. You’ll be able to hear your human getting into food packages from blocks away!!! We hope you send those germs running really fast!!! Tell your human to give you extra tummy rubs. Purrrsssss

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  13. OM! How could I check the info this late > – < You will be just fine ,Bowie ^ – ^ ,big boy don't cry , acha acha , Bowie (means fighting fighting) !

  14. Poor Mr. Bowie! But I have to say, I’m very impressed with any cat who will sit on an exam table at the vet without being tied down and gagged.

  15. Oh Lovely Bowie, I know this feeling (want to go home) because of my Princess. But you will be fine after all. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  16. Common problem for cats to get ear infections. Those pinna are big.

    They hate the ear drops and squirm when they go in (remember to warm the bottle a bit first in your hands and then massage the pinna for a 1/2 second, which is all kitty will probably give you before he or she bolts away). Always be gentle and reassuring; don’t clamp kitty down immovably.

    They shake the ear drops out all over you in the process, but that helps to spread the medicine throughout the ear canal, too. It’s worth the mess.

    Keep up faithfully with the vet-prescribed drop dosing schedule so kitty is cured as quickly and as easily as possible. (If you’ve ever had an ear infection, you’d know just how awful they are. Empathy! The faster they’re cured, the better.)

    Cat lovers, remember always to get a diagnosis and medicine from a vet, like Herman does; don’t try to diagnose problems yourself or buy something from a drugstore, or you’ll probably make whatever the problem is worse.

    Love to all cats (and cats in human form, and vice versa) everywhere.

  17. Thank you, Herman, for your kindness. Experienced. I’ve treated several cat ear infections, and one or two of my own (they’re very painful.)

    Oh – I found it useful to kneel with kitty “held” between the knees on the floor, then to use one hand to hold the bottle and one to tilt the cat’s head while holding the bottle upside down and dispensing the drops with the operative hand.

    If you try to hold the tip of the ear’s pinna, instead of the whole head, it hurts kitty much more that way.

    Then put the bottle down and with free hand gently massage the medicine into the ear canal at the base of the pinna just for a second. But if kitty leaps away before you can do this, it’s OK. The massage is not critical, especially if it hurts kitty’s sore ear more.


    • Thank you again Cathi. I’m sure this is useful info for many readers.
      It’s the second time Bowie’s ear’s infected. The first time was 2 years ago.

      • So you’re experienced, too, and don’t need advice! Bowie may even be amenable to drops while lap-sitting. My Oriental Shorthairs were too active for that. (Didn’t mean to hog space. Hope it helps some readers.)

  18. Mr. Bowie looks so well behaved , and obviously displaying his best Vet’s manner. Our cat Sybil came to us from a farm. She was the runt of the litter and would have died if she hadn’t found a home with us. She was in terrible condition and of course had ear problems that required drops. I didn’t think it was possible but she could actually close her ears tight to stop us putting in drops. The beautiful girl lived to the respectable age of twenty years.

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