No More Mr. Nice Guy

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing. Till they got a hold of me. I opened doors for little old doggies. I helped the blind mice to see.


I just love this Alice Cooper song. When I was growing up, Billion Dollar Babies was one of my favorite records.

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  1. If it was an accident, I can only guess you were setting up for another shoot and Mr. Bowie got in the way. Cats have a way of knowing, though, that what they choose is really for the best, so I doubt it was an “accident.” Looking good, Mr. Bowie! – Crepes.

  2. Did you know Alice Cooper did one album called From the Inside while he was in a sanitorium? I work in mental health so I happen to know that. I had a copy of that once, on cassette, anybody remember that word? Hey Bowie, you appeared in my reader today, just like it was supposed to happen, cool. WONderful picture!

  3. OK, this may be sad but I only know that song from the “Dark Shadows” soundtrack. But maybe Tim Burton would approve, too?! (PS, thx for stopping by my blog!)

  4. Oh boy, serious business…back lighting and everything. Looks like you are getting ready for a showdown Bowie, HA. I’m not admitting to loving this album or knowing all the words, that’d make me too old. 😉

  5. Gorgeous photo! I went to a couple of Alice Cooper concerts back in the day. Of course, I was only a toddler. 😉 “I’m Eighteen” was a favorite. and of course, “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

    • Hi Catherine, thank you for following HoB!
      My brother took me the ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ live show in Antwerp. I was still learning to read and write at that moment in my life…

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