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  1. Nice suitcase Mr. Bowie….but you’re not allowed to go go anywhere – oh no – we NEED you around here. However, iff it’s temporary sanctuary you need, you’re welcome to bring that “zen/calm” you’re known for with you for a visit in Virginia with us…..it’s not the Hotel California but it’s the next best thing. Maybe…….. 😀


  2. I fear that the Pawparrazzi are after Mr. Bowie…Herman I hope you have tightened security around the perimeter! (Somehow I pictured Bowie with a faux aligator set of bags…)

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    • Welcome on HoB! Thank you for following the blog. Bowie says “Meow!”
      If he get lost, I know where to look… 😉

  4. Mr Bowie, I would love to rub gently behind your ears. Stroke that lovely gray through, and kiss the top of your adorable head. In short,Mr Bowie, I’ve fall head of heels in love with you. However, I rather suspect I am a the end of a very long line of adoring people. Purr Purr Purr. Virginia

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