Guru Cat

What is a Guru Cat? A guru cat is a spiritual teacher, a cat who leads a disciple to wisdom and self-realization, imparts knowledge on the disciple, or guides the disciple to divinity. In my part of the world, the concept of the guru cat is looser, and extends beyond teachers of spirituality and religion. Any cat who acquires blog followers and who is considered an authority in their arena may be called by this name.

So, can I call myself a chocolate guru?


Mr. Bowie, you seem to be a wise, mature cat. I wish you could talk to me. I need some guidance and comfort food.

47 responses

  1. Mr. Bowie needs a mantra. May I suggest: “purr, purr”. Given the raising of his leadership (or acknowledgement of same already achieved!), let me once again offer my humblest apologies as to my most recent “cat” poem. Mr. Bowie’s status is obviously high above such silly foldorall!

  2. He looks like he’s constantly in a Zen state, and I do think he’s an authority in his arena. Wait, what is his arena again…? Yours, I know is chocolate………..

  3. Pranams, Bowie. It’s customary to bring a guru something. Catnip perhaps. No, I wouldn’t want you to humiliate yourself in front of your devotees. I’ll think of something else. Blessings, Alia

  4. I LOVE that! Cat guru. hahaha awesome
    What do you mean Bowie can’t talk? Look at those eyes! They speak words so loud I can hear them from here. And he is saying, “It doesn’t matter whether you choose chicken or beef. Both are meat. And meat is destiny.”

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