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    • They’re playing at the Cirque Royal in Brussels on April 10 & 11. Both show are sold out and I got no tickets…

      • It isn’t a big problem if we made little mistakes speaking the other language… Isn’t it?
        Mon fils a dit que “j’étais au top” (My son said to me “You’re the best!”), grâce à vous!
        C’est toujours un plaisir de lire les pensées de M. Bowie!

      • Well, what the? I just tried again by typing the whole thing, song + artist. Now I see the Album but can’t listen to anything, it’s all greyed out…maybe because it’s not released in North America yet? I did listen to ‘I Like Birds’ thinking that might be one of Bowies favourites 😀

    • My apologies… I read your post last week and I told my friends about it, but I forget to reply. I’m very honored and Mr. Bowie is very proud that he’s your favorite cat…He says “Meow!”

  1. Hi Herman and Mr B!!! I am so glad you have stopped by my blog! I have seen Mr B. pics, from a kitty to the big cat he is now…He is feeling absolutely comfortable at home!!!
    I will stay tuned to follow your adventures MrB….I hope you do not mind I have no cats at home…Only a couple of Border Collies that are not really friendly with cats…But do not worry..I always have them both outside when I am on the computer…:)

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