Secret New Album Sessions

Secrecy was built in from the start. Mr. Bowie shocked fans by releasing a new single, and revealing details of his first studio work in a decade. Mr. Bowie called me into the studio last summer for to work on his comeback album, but until this month I was forbidden to tell a soul about the secret sessions. I am clearly happy to finally be talking and writing about the new Mr. Bowie album.


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  1. Her Royal Majesty wasn’t pleased to be turned down by Bowie last summer when she wanted him at her big bash. Poor thing got Sir Paul instead. Glad Mr B had a good excuse. A reprise of classic or a new vibe?

    • It was a big surprise to me too. I really thought Bowie (the singer, not the cat) was retired for good. I’m looking forward to get his new cd…
      But first, we got to finish Mr. Bowie’s studio sessions…

  2. Well I’d heard that Mr. Bowie was organizing some new tunes for a comeback but I thought they meant DAVID Bowie and didn’t realize it was “THE” Mr. Bowie! Can’t wait to hear it – I’m sure it’s gonna be a huge hit…..he looks awfully serious about his music in that photo!


  3. Petals and Blossum volunteer to be Bowies do-wop girls…hey hard to imagine DB is 66 right? I wonder if he still wears all that makeup? Old guys in makeup aren’t quite the same as young guys in makeup…giggle.

  4. Ah! So dear Mr Bowie is a musician. No wonder I connected so strongly with him. I play piano and my son plays sax. Perhaps we could could have a little tea and “jam” sometime if he ever tours Australia?

    • That sounds interesting… I also play piano, synths and other electronic stuff. Bowie plays everything he can get his paws on, including my instruments…
      No Australian tour planned so far…

    • Ik heb dit overgenomen uit 3 andere artikels over Earl Slick, de betreffende gitarist die meespeelt op de nieuwe Bowie cd en hierover moest zwijgen. Maar ik heb wel 1 reactie aangekregen van iemand die dacht dat dit verhaal waar is… Eigenlijk best grappig.

  5. Mr. Bowie’s expression in this photo bears an uncanny resemblence to that my human’s saxophone teacher when he hears the class ‘playing’…

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