Message From My Cat #18


Just wondering. Why does the smell of your espresso makes me sleepy? I’d always thought that the coffee helped me stay awake…

Editor’s Note: Dear Mr. Bowie, it’s either you are dehydrated or you have developed a heavy tolerance to caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most commonly-used drugs. I have a similar problem. I have developed a heavy tolerance to chocolate.

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  1. Pour me a cup while you’re at it Bowie, watching you yawn just made me yawn. I think all Starbucks should have an ‘house cat’, just like they have a ‘house blend’, I’d tip that. BTW, do you notice how Starbucks never thanks you for the tip? Is that like a rule for them or something?

  2. Happy Wednesday Bowie! Have an extra shot today and get something nice and chocolatey for Herman…

  3. Dear Mr. Bowie,

    I would like you to start an advice column. I think you would be an excellent advisor.

    If you would like practice, here is an example:

    There is a strange and onerous person who has appeared in my ‘follower’ column. At first I thought the blog was clever in and odd, well, crazy and sarcastic way. Now I am just alarmed. The posts keep coming. I have blocked and unfollowed, but I do not want them to follow me! I have asked them not to. I have reported the content- I am afraid someone may be the victim of a hoax.

    Is there anything else you might suggest Mr. Bowie. Perhaps your teleporter could be employed?


    Spooked in St. Paul

    • Oh boy, this sounds serious… At first I thought you were kidding about this but I just read your new post. Hopefully, WordPress can come up with a solution, if not, I’ll ask Mr. Bowie to look into this…

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