You will be assimilated. The Star Trek: Voyager – The Full Journey DVD box set has arrived. Don’t worry if I’m changing my blogging frequency over the next weeks. We’re on a 7740 minutes mission: to explore 48 discs, to seek out 172 episodes, to boldly go where no cat has gone before.

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    • Thank you. We’ll be watching some extra episodes on this cold and rainy Sunday. But hey, finally the snow is melting… Have a nice Sunday!

  1. Oh fun! Does Mr. Bowie have an appropriate spacesuit to wear while watching? Just to stay in the mood of course…..He looks ready to watch – all tucked in and ready to blast off.


    • This is my second time. Seen them on TV way back in 1995 – 2001. Well, Bowie is still following after 7 episodes…

  2. May the force be with you… Bowie, if you need diversion, teleport yourself to Minnesota and we will play with you! Dylan and Bagheera

    • My dear Dylan and Bagheera, we only go to warm places. Is it still winter in Minnesota? The teleporter doesn’t work when it’s cold…

  3. The girls believe that this will be 7,740 minutes of quality shut-eye where your dreams will be full of magical sights and sounds, Mr. Bowie. They are envious of your strategy to get your human to stay in one spot for so many minutes. They are worried, at the moment, because we humans will soon be done watching all of the episodes of The Wire and fear that we will not be so engrossed in a TV show again for awhile…which means we will be doing things other than laying on the couch for their comfort!

    • Ha ha ha… this is a great comment, thank you Aimee. Well, if you’re done with The Wire, go get The Sopranos DVD box set or no wait… just go for Star Trek Voyager! 🙂
      PS: I’ve seen all the episodes of The Wire last year. One of the best TV shows ever!

  4. Bowie, Your eyes are burning right through me…’re obviously ready for such a voyage. Hope the teleporter doesn’t scramble your brains! Bon voyage…. 😉

    • Voyager is also my favorite! Update: the first season (watching 4 evenings in a row…) – 3 episodes to go and then moving forward to season 2. This is fun!!

    • You are right, Cathi. Some of the Voyager episodes felt like a real Star Trek movie. I’m almost ready for the second season…

  5. Okay – there are cool cats, and there are cool cats. Voyager is a big hit in our house, even with our ten year old daughter. We watch it now and then on videotapes I recorded eons ago. Enjoy!

    • Welcome on HoB, Sid! It seems your daughter is a very wise and clever girl. You should buy that Voyager DVD box set for her birthday…

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