Let ‘Em In

An interstellar teleporting device. A present for you Mr. Bowie, but please, get home before dark.


Someone’s knockin’ at the door
Somebody’s ringin’ the bell
Someone’s knockin’ at the door
Somebody’s ringin’ the bell
Do me a favor,
Open the door and let ’em in

“Let ‘Em In” – Paul McCartney

Batteries, free access code and access all areas pass for the blond pillow thief included.

41 responses

    • Oh no…!! Got to go back to the shop for the second teleporter! Thanks for reminding me. Mr. Bowie would be lost forever…

  1. I installed kittyporter so the cats could transport themselves to and from the catio. All the kitties but Guildenstern started using the kittyporter to move back and forth between the catio and the house soon after I installed it. It took Guildenstern almost a year before he would use the kittyporter without hesitation. He was afraid it might send him to dev null and be stuck in a cyber purgatory forever.

    • Ha ha ha… Well, you never know for sure where that kittyporter will send you to… I’m a bit curious what Mr. Bowie will do once I got the teleporter installed… I’ll post something about it.

  2. Be careful, Mr Bowie, it might be a trap………door. If you are going to experiment make sure the port is a good fit. Nothing worse than getting stuck in portals or with portions of you in parallel universes.

  3. When I came home late, my sweet dad used to say, “look what the cat dragged in”

    Hehe, luckily the ‘Interstellar Teleporting Device’ looks too small for a pillow thief to sneak thru 😉

    I bet blondie would say to you what I said to my dad “hi, what’s for breakfast?”

  4. I keep looking at Mr. Bowie’s photo, just above “Recent Posts” with the pencil. Every time I see it I think Hemingway.

    • Ik denk wel dat ik er door kan. Deze deur is ook voor kleine honden gemaakt, dus… Anders zal mijn baasje de deur wel weer komen open en dicht doen… 😉

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