Bon appétit! I was invited to a home-cooked meal by my friend, the graphic designer, and his wife. I also got some great digital camera tips and essential photography advice to improve my photos in no time. But did I pay attention this time? I did, because there was a lot of dark chocolate.


Their lovely son introduced me to Glippie, his cat. She’s a very beautiful little kitty and I believe she would like to meet Mr. Bowie sometime.


PS: The meal was delicious! Thank you my friends.

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    • Two big boys talking about Apple stuff and cameras for hours. We had a great time but I don’t know about his wife though…

  1. Glippie has a darling little “girlie” face……perhaps she and Mr. Bowie would make beautiful music together? Dark chocolate ALWAYS makes for a spectacular evening – I’d pay attention to that too!


  2. He is so attractive, and could choose from many lady cats with a face like his. Have you considered making his pictures into a calendar? Nice lady cats all over would want one. I know MaChatte would want one, cos she has seen his pictures.

    • I was wondering about this myself… Maybe they could sit on a private and romantic table with delicious cat food…

    • Apart from the fresh snow today it was a very good weekend… Oh boy, I really hate that snow…
      PS: Mr. Bowie is outside playing in the snow! What a strange furry fellow…

  3. I love cat (and dog) names. Glippie is such a cute name and suits her well. Of course, I love Mr. Bowie’s name too. It makes me smile every time.

    • The name Glippie is based on the Flemish verb ‘glippen’. It means to sneak somewhere in. This stray kitty was specialized in sneaking into the house of my friend. They adopted the kitty last year so now she can sneak into the bedrooms… 🙂

  4. A great home-cooked meal and lots of chocolate. Sounds like the perfect evening. Plus, there’s a kitty.

    But what are you gonna do with Mr. Bowie? He’s turning into quite the eligible bachelor!

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