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  1. Heerlijk, ik wou altijd al een “chef'” in de familie…maar die hebben we al in wording!!! Dus mag Bowie sous-chef zijn!

  2. Mr Bowie would be an excellent chef! Our Mr Puss Puss has only reached the bacon tasting demi chef position…however, I feel he doesn’t really want to move on from there…

    • Ha ha ha… the bacon tasting demi chef position… That’s so funny. Is this position open for Mr. Bowie?
      Welcome on HoB Michelle!

  3. Shakespeare here: I really really really LOVE the kitchen!!! That’s where the food is. If someone is in the kitchen I run out there as fast as I can. Hey…….Mom is usually laughing at me when I get out there. Is that how she’s getting me to exercise?????

  4. Truthfully…Mr. Bowie looks like he’d keep on a little apron or hat…a few seconds…before ripping that silly stuff off! A cat has much more dignity! As to cooking—ours always made me (the wife did, too)—open the cans AND serve out. Not gonna get any fur in his (or our) food—just my wife’s long hair. eeeeuuuu!

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