Jazz it up! One of my best friends is a graphic designer. He gave me a quick demo of Adobe Lightroom 4 using a photo of Mr. Bowie. He said you can do more with your photos than you ever thought possible.

The original Mr. Bowie



Mr. Bowie in the Lightroom

Bowie in bed

Don’t ask me what the graphic designer did. Due to lack of sleep and chocolate I didn’t pay attention to the monitor.

48 responses

  1. I like the first one, but like you said, it’s fun to play. I’ve found a few free online editing sites that I can mimic Instagram so that’s how I play with photos. 🙂

  2. The lack of chocolate can be explained. Your friend merely coated your monitor with it which is why Mr Bowie in the Lightroom looks deliciously chocolatey. Or perhaps he used a combination of chocolate and coffee.

  3. I like your photo best. Mr Bowie doesn’t need special effects.He is scumdiddlyumptious just the way he is. I mean REALLY!

  4. I like both of these…for different reasons…they have a very different “feel”. My digital came with some good photo editing software which I enjoy playing with from time to time……Bowie simply looks magnificent no matter HOW his photos are shown. Nice to have the perfect subject matter!


  5. Lightroom is great, even if you don’t use many effects… just for making your colors brighter, your white and blacks stronger, and the whole photo crisper.

    • Oh yes, I’ve been playing with Lightroom the last 3 days and I like it a lot. I’m going to check out some instructional videos…

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