Straight from the Heart

Security breach! Someone hacked into my personal email account. Fortunately, there’s no harm done. They left Β a proposal of marriage for Mr. Bowie and a picture of a beautiful kitty.


Should parents check their cat’s emails and text messages? I know that we should all trust our cats, but even the best cats will test the boundaries.

PS: Mr. Bowie’s email address will remain secret.

55 responses

  1. hmmmm, I have known orange cats with that pugnacious expression and she may be difficult for the long run … stay calm Mr. Bowie and stay away… a friend.

      • awww, nonsense about “rich”… you still would have to put up with HER…! I will make a post for you of a little sweet kitty that might just be right for you : she lives with me; it will have to be a long distance cat-romance by blog.

  2. Bowie’s getting marriage proposals? Wow….well, I have to say that is one beauteous, bountiful babe in the photo. He’s got good taste. Ginger cats are rather special too…..I ought to know.

    Pam (with Sam’s approval)

    • Hi there Michelle, welcome! I do think they could be a very beautiful couple…
      But I don’t know about the gingernese language…

  3. Hmm…as a cat mum I would not want Bowie reading such mail unsupervised. She IS cute…did you show Bowie the pic? πŸ™‚

  4. Too funny! And, in case you were wondering, Tigger is a little jealous. I’ve explained to her that Mr. Bowie lives too far away, but she doesn’t seem to care that he does.

    It looks like Mr. Bowie has LOTS of admirers! πŸ˜‰

  5. She looks beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, and well-read. (Oh wait a minute, I’m projecting *blush*….). Take a chance, Mr. Bowie. Fidelity is hotter than catting around.

  6. Looks like a healthy version of our Ginger Cat…how she got from the backwoods of Douglas, Massachusetts in the U. S. of A., to Sweden, we’ll never know! For something ROUGHLY similar, check out “SEARCH ENGINE INTRIGUE” on my blog. No, I was not thinking of rivals for Mr. Bowie’s attention when I wrote the last line! Good luck Mr. Bowie!

  7. Jaja, de tijd vliegt voorbij…
    Eerst was hij een lieve kleine baby, toen de eerste stappen naar school, gevolgd door uitgaan en nu trouwen!!!
    Baasje, begin al maar te sparen voor een groot huwelijksfeest want die van Turnhout komen allemaal…

  8. Thanks for the follow Herman and handsome Bowie! I look forward to your comedic misadventures and daily hijinks. Perhaps one day Mr Bowie and I will be together <3… well there's always hope. πŸ˜‰

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