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  1. Volgens mij wil Bowie jouw aandacht voor hem alleen.
    Ons Balou kon daar ook wat van… Als ik iets wou lezen dan nam ik een extra boekje waar ik eerst in begon te lezen zodat zij haar poep erop kon placeren en dan kon ik aan de echte literatuur beginnen 🙂 …

  2. Could be an idea 😉 My cat used to tear newspaper into the smallest possible pieces at 5am, just to wake me up and give him some food…lovely creature!

      • one day, I printed some documents I had to bring to the studio with me. I had to go in the bedroom for some reason and I put them on the bed while I grabbed something I needed. I turned for about 5 second then turned back to grab the papers again. Guess who was sitting on top of them? Yep, Jay. FIVE seconds. That’s all it took. OK, maybe ten, but still. And of course, the papers were all wrinkled. And Jay was looking at me like it was the most sensible thing to do, to sit on my papers

  3. Ha, Mr Bowie…you are keeping it warm for your editor..brilliant. I worry about the future of the New Paper industry, I don’t have it delivered at home but the Mr gets it at work. I don’t think I could fit it in to the schedule.

    • Thank you Aimee. Yes, they are so adorable…
      Did I already welcome you on HoB? Can’t remember, sorry… If not, well, welcome!

  4. You must continue to get the newspaper…..Mr. Bowie needs a warm tushie…..and perhaps the occasional newspaper tent like Sam enjoys…..it’s one of the only reasons we keep getting the Sunday paper!


  5. Haha..like the cat bottom as scanner comment. Mr Bowie does haved a charming backside. If you gave up the paper, a photo op would be lost…

  6. I think Mr Bowie is probably trying to tell you that most of the newspaper content is only fit for the rear end…..just to show my age, I can remember when it was used for toilet paper. A leaf probably would have been kinder 🙂

  7. Dear Mr Bowie is protecting you from the world and all it’s dramas. He is saying “am I not enough first thing in the morning?”

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