It’s a wrap! In Belgium, New Year’s Eve (Sint Sylvester Vooravond (“Saint Sylvester’s Eve”) or Oudjaar (“old year”)) is celebrated with family parties, called réveillons in the French speaking areas. There’s also a tradition in the Flemish speaking areas of singing children going from door to door to receive candy, oranges or tangerines. Mr. Bowie was ready to welcome the children and even I had to sing a song (“Boys Keep Swinging”) to get candy…


2012 was an emotional ride for many reasons. But hey, HoB was a big hit in 2012. If each view were a film, HoB would power 7 Cannes Film Festivals, according to WordPress. There were 278 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 1,067 posts. There were 400 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 163 MB. That’s about a picture per day. And these were my most active commenters: Mr. Bowie (of course, who else…), onespoiledcat, Joke, Boomdeeadda and Animalcouriers. Thank you boys and girls.

Thank you very much to all the visitors and followers of HoB. Thank you for all your nice comments. Thank you for coming back to HoB. Mr. Bowie is ready to party…


Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2013. Bowie says “Meow!”, I guess it means “We love you!” Take care.

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    • Thank you very much my dear Pam and Sam. And a special thank you for all your nice comments on HoB. Much appreciated!

  1. als ze bij jou komen zingen … moeten ze niet zingen …”hoog huis, laag huis, er zit een gierige pin in huis” zoals we (!) lang geleden 😦 eens gezongen hebben bij je/onze toenmalige buren aan de overkant van de straat
    ps ik weet niet meer zeker of jij erbij was … maar in mijn herinnering heb ik het idee dat we al van ‘s morgens vroeg – toen het nog donker was – op pad werden gestuurd om te zingen …

    • Ja ja, wij vertrokken al toen het nog donker was. Ik herinner ook nog dat jij met Willy en Hild later op de voormiddag nog verder naar ‘het dorp’ of de ‘Hezemeer’ mochten gaan zingen. Maar ik mocht dan niet mee omdat dit te ver was voor mij…

    • Ik herinner me dit nog levendig, maar het was toen vooral echt koekjes die je kreeg en moetie maakte er achteraf lekkere koeken van met creme au beurre, heerlijke herinnering!

  2. Thanks so much Herman and Mr Bowie for making it such a fun year. The photos and stories have been beguiling and we try not to miss any posts. Here’s to a much fun, if not more in 2013. We’ll close with a Scottish toast ‘Here’s tae us, wha likes us, damned few and they’re a deed!’ (translation available if necessary)

    • Ha ha ha… no translation needed here. I get the message…
      Thank you very much for all your nice comments on HoB. Much appreciated! Love hanging around on your blog seeing all those happy people and there pets.
      Happy New Year to all my friends at Animalcouriers.

  3. Meow back to Mr. Bowie (I speak a little bit of cat myself). This is a wonderful blog and I love, love all the pictures, always.

    Funny, I hadn’t heard of “Saint Sylvester’s Eve” in many, many years. It seems like North Americans don’t know anything about it but that’s what’s NYE is called in Colombia. Or rather, Saint Sylvester’s feast” 🙂

    • Please, give Mr. Bowie’s (and mine) regards to Jay and Miss Satchie…
      Thanks for all your nice comments and hanging around HoB!
      Happy New Year!

      • Will do!

        Satchie’s being her usual happy self and Jay is being his usual philosophic self. She’s always trying to get him to play and he’s always trying to get her to leave him alone 😉

        It’s so nice to have two kitties to cuddle with when the New Year, though

    • Thank you very much for hanging around HoB and for all your nice comments. I really appreciate this a lot.
      Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for your likes on mine, and following! MaChatte and I will try to keep some interesting stuff coming. I wonder if our cats know that they’re being read about across the world…….

    • I told Mr. Bowie more than once that he’s very famous around the world. He said “Meow!” and pointed his paw at the cat treats…

  5. Happy St. Sylvester’s / Happy New Year! HoB has been a joy to follow (not sure how we found you but glad we did!). Looking forward to a better year ahead for ALL of us adults and cats alike. 🙂

    • Thank you very much my dear Madame Weebles! I missed you… Thanks for hanging around and all your nice comments on HoB. Love your blog.
      Happy New Year!

    • Hang in there Tigger and Simple Heart Girl! Thanks for all your nice comments and tuning in on HoB. Much appreciated!
      Take care, Bowie says “Meow!”

    • Thanks for hanging around here my dear friends. That keeps me going…
      Happy New Year Christine, Dylan and Bagheera! Bowie says “Meow!” to you all…

    • Hey there Beatriz! How are you? You ok?
      May I wish you all the best for 2013? Thanks for coming back to HoB!

      PS: Gabriel’s calendar is up on the wall… I’ve planned to write a post about it.

      • Allo Herman!

        I am doing well. I just received my Veterinary Assistant certificate. Yay, so I’ll hopefully be working with animals in the near future. I finally realized that this is what I’d like to do, aside from photography. I decided to get certified after Gabriel passed. That little booger taught me so much, and continues to do so. So 2013 has been a great start.

        I love your blog, keep up the good work. Take care.

        I’m happy to hear you’re proudly displaying Gabriel’s calendar. I can’t wait to see the post about it!!!

        • Glad to read you’re doing well. Congrats on getting your Veterinary Assistant certificate! I hope you can work with animals in your new job soon.

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