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    • I’m following so many blogs. I’m using email notification for some and the WP reader for others, (I was getting too many emails…).

  1. About like this computer (at work) I’m on….sometimes I can LIKE one way, sometimes the other…sometimes not at all! Blessings, anyway. You’ve got life, family, a blog…and the greatest Russian Blue since the Czars….what more could you want? …I know…a Reader that cooperates! Peace to you and Bowie—may he purr your troubles away!

    • Thank you Jonathan, you’re right about everything except one minor thing… Bowie doesn’t like to be called a Russian Blue, he’s a British Shorthair! 😉
      Thanks for hanging around and following HoB. Happy Holidays!

  2. I know, I know. It’s more than a headache. It’s almost a migraine issue. I now have all the posts coming to my email then I check them one by one. My Reader crashed the computer so many times the other day that I didn’t even get a chance to write my post.

    • The same problems over here the last 3 days… I’m probably following too many blogs so I started to use the WP reader (instead of email notification) a lot lately. It is (was) very handy…

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