The influence of movies on cats. There is no denying that movies have a great impact on the life of cats nowadays. Cats may watch action movies, and the violence in these movies also has an effect on their minds. They may watch their favorite actors do other things that are disliked in society. Their favorite actor and character may dress up in a dark animal suit, which influences the cats and they may begin imitating this actor because they may think that it is cool or it will raise their social status.

BatCat 2

We had a movie marathon yesterday while we were waiting for the end of the world. We watched Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Great movies, but I think Mr. Bowie got carried away…

BatCat 1

PS: We decided to cancel the Alien movie marathon – or, perhaps, to postpone it for later in Mr. Bowie’s life.

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  1. Great photos Herman….love that split second timing for the second one….I would think your idea to postpone an alien movie marathon is a good one. You’d have a tough time sleeping afterward I should think….. 😉


    • Thank you Pam. Now you see why I’m always walking around with a camera in my hand… 😉
      You’re so right, no Alien movies in this house when Bowie’s around. I’m going to watch The Sound of Music on Christmas eve…

  2. These eyes, LOL! (song from Guess Who playing in the background). tell Mr Bowie that it’s past his bedtime. Alien marathon to be continued…

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