Message From My Cat #17

Just Woke Up 2

No Armageddon. The world didn’t end yesterday, there was no sign of the apocalypse. So, all you people who truly believed in this prophecy, you’ll have to wait at least six years for the Earth to be destroyed… But shouldn’t we be focused on fixing actual threats to Earth, like climate change?
Can I have a treat now? A honey locust perhaps?

Editor’s Note: Dear Mr. Bowie, guess I’d better do my Christmas shopping after all. Okay, I’ll walk…

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  1. Herman knows best, LOL! He’s so cute I wish I could pet him through the screen. I wish both of you a joyous holiday season!

    • I thought the Holy Man was only visiting the Low Countries!
      Maar waarschijnlijk gaat de Sint in London ook langs bij mensen die Nederlands spreken! 😉

  2. Bowie does look a bit miffed that you woke him up…..I’m sure he will forgive you when you get home from shopping……something yummy in the bag(s). Belgian waffles? YUM…..with chocolate and strawberries perhaps……


  3. Ah, Mr Bowie: humans get over excited about perceived threats and ignore the real ones. It has always been thus. You yourself are only here because your ancestors got on an ark built by the one man who took notice of the clear and present danger. I wonder if anyone will take action this time, before it’s too late?
    Nope. Too busy scanning archaic Mayan calendars.
    You have some very perceptive messages…

    • Kate, I wish more people would make adjustments in their lifestyle. Taking global action to combat climate change is needed. Things that keep me awake at night…

  4. Mr. Bowie deserves as many treats as he wants. And he’s right, we should focus on things like climate change and other important issues, instead of the next end-of-the-world prediction from a long-dead people.

    • Mr. Bowie got his extra treats today.
      Belgium has one of the world’s highest ecological footprints. Better start working on my own activities and consumption habits…

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