Beginning of the End


Oh no… I’m all shook up! While I was driving home, this giant locust fell out of the sky, right on my windshield. I was way too upset to zoom in. Sorry. It’s happening right now… Goodbye cruel world.

But wait a minute… I just received this tweet from New Zealand. Thank you Thomas D. Honey roasted locust, anyone? Mr. Bowie?


44 responses

  1. Good morning Bowie and Herman! It’s 8 AM in Pennsylvania, US. Now back to our regularly scheduled life. And I’m not sticking around here cos you guys are eating bugs!

    • The world is still turning. You’ll have time to catch up on some lost sleep. Try some hot chocolate milk tonight…
      Love your idea but I’m not that good in Photoshop…

  2. Thank Goodness. I live in Australia and we would have got it with New Zealand. All still here with same old unaddressed issues. Phew. I have become comfortable with them. : )

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