The War Room

Behind the scenes at HoB. I love HoB, but I also love my privacy, freedom and security, so I choose to guard it. Computers can permanently store every online photo, status update, Twitter post and blog entry forever.
I try to protect Mr. Bowie and myself in cyberspace. Here’s a picture of the staff members working on the privacy and security details for yesterday’s post. You can see that Mr. B, working on his iPad, takes his job very seriously.

War Room

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  1. Mr. B certainly does look quite serious…….security is important in this day and age – obviously he is well aware of that since he indeed has his back to you so you can’t peek at his password as AnimalCouriers suggests!


  2. Mr Bowie is a professional! Any tips on how to guard privacy and security Herman? Also I want to look into copywriting because I have some lovely photos I would like to make a calander with one day so I don’t want people stealing them and using them as their own. I have no idea where to start though! Bisous Bailey

    • Don’t really know much about this Bailey. Maybe you can Google ‘copyright on the internet’? I wrote following line in my About page: The authentic photos of Hands on Bowie may not be used without permission.

    • Hey Kate, this is 2012, nowadays we wear a fine, soft and thick fur coat! But we would love a chocolate cigar though…

    • Well, it’s probably something like that. I’m going to give it a try… If HoB goes offline you’ll know why…

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