On the Bench

Hold on to the things you love. Here are two more things we found while we were cleaning out my parents’ house. The flat iron was used by my Grandmother and my Mother. The iron was heated on a charcoal heater.
The second thing is an old kilogram weight from my Mother’s grocery store.

Relics 1

Relics 2

A few words about the Pitch Pine bench. In the past, Pitch Pine was a major source of mine timbers in the Belgian coal industry because the wood’s high resin content preserves it from decay. I guess the bench was made by my Grandfather. We found it in a dreadful condition in the basement. The bench is restored by a professional furniture restorer. Mr. Bowie seems to like it.

Bank 2

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  1. Mooie foto’s van mooie herinneringen…ik heb zelfs zo’n strijkijzertje in speelgoedvorm en deed hiermee de strijk van mijn poppenkleedjes…waar is de tijd?

  2. Old things are very good things. Better yet when they’re also family things. I have a cherry drop leaf table that was my grandfather’s and my mother did her homework from school on it. It has good antique value, but no amount of money would convince me to sell it.

    Good luck finding more treasures!

    • I just love those family things. You can always link them to heartwarming memories when you’re having a bad day…

  3. I once tried to use a flat iron–with not much success. I love the bench, and Mr Bowie is wonderful treasure too.

  4. I love that you’ve not let these treasures go. It’s wonderful to have family heirlooms that can be part of your daily life. I bet that Iron is a real workout, looks heavy. I guess I should never complain about the ironing again. What will you use it as? A bookend perhaps? I see you already have ONE cute grey one.

  5. It’s wonderful you’re finding some hidden treasure in the old house…..it pays to do that searching for one day those things will mean even more than they do now. The bench is gorgeous – a perfect spot for Mr. Bowie AND your latest finds.


  6. Our Mom loves old things, too. She thought that bench was perfect for Mr. Bowie. It’s neat when humans fill their homes with all those special memories. We love to hear Mom tell us stories about different things she has.

  7. Oh! I remember seeing one of those irons at my grandmother’s house when I was little. I used to spend all my weekends with her and I loved to go through her storage closets because I would always find the most amazing things… so many memories! I wonder if she still has it…

    • I’m so glad we didn’t trow it away. My Dad told me he used it to keep his feet warm in the winter! But I think he was joking though…

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