The Milkman

I was born loving the taste of ice cream, chocolate milk and milkshakes. I owe it all to my Dad. He was a milkman from 1945, when he came home from WW II, until he retired in 1990. My dad sold milk, buttermilk, chocolate milk, eggs, cream, cheese, butter and yogurt. In the early years he did the deliveries using a bicycle. In the sixties he bought a Volkswagen Transporter (T series).

Last Saturday, when we were cleaning out my parents’ house, we found an old milk container. I took it home as a souvenir, a tribute to my Dad.

Mr. Bowie fell in love immediately. I guess he was expecting a refill with cat milk. If it was up to me, it would be a chocolate milk refill.

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    • Bedankt! Ik heb wel een uur in de archieven moeten zoeken achter die foto’s… Ik denk zelfs dat de Ba deze foto’s niet meer heeft gezien in 50 jaar of zo.
      Ik kwam zaterdag op dit idee. Michel had dit kruikje ergens gevonden. Dit konden we toch echt niet weggooien hé?

        • De bovenste foto herkende ik ook niet. Geen idee waar die foto getrokken is… En wie zou die foto’s eigenlijk getrokken hebben?

          • Volgens mij is die foto getrokken bij de ouders van Marieke van Lowieke (grootouders van Reneke). Daar had de ba een soort magazijntje waar hij met zijn eerste melktoeren vertrok!

  1. I don’t know but in my own feeling , the story is so blue , beautiful , but blue ! Just the same feeling we got whenever sinking in any piece of memories ! Wish you well !

    p/s : may I have a refill with…cheese instead ? ^ – ^ it would be soooo great!!!

    • Thank you for your nice comment Yinyin. Much appreciated!

      I’m afraid there’s no cheese in this house. I don’t like it. Mr. Bowie doesn’t like it. But I can make delicious milkshakes…

      • You’re welcome ^ – ^ Meatbun doesn’t love cheese so well , I guess ( by watching her “fighting” with a slide of pizza with seafood and cheese on it )

        Actually , I do think that anything which is homemade will be 100% delicious – thanks to the love that the maker has for what he is making, and for those people who he is thinking of ^ – ^ for this reason , I always feel that my dad’s chicken fried rice is the best dish ever !

        p/s : Love to try your milkshakes ,what ‘ll we have today ? chocolate milkshake ? or the fruity one ? ^ v ^

    • The first photo was a real surprise to me. I’m going to show these photos to my Dad tomorrow… Maybe he can tell me something about it…

    • Thank you Fluffy, I enjoyed the making of this post. It made me feel good and now I’m enjoying all the lovely comments…

  2. Loved the photo’s of your dad in the good ol’ days. We lived in a house with a Milk shoot. Did you have those in the UK? It was a little cubby hole at the back door, it opened from the outside and inside. You’d leave your money in there and the milkman would take the empties and leave you fresh milk. Can you imagine? You could never leave money out like that now. Hey Bowie, that should last you a while, that can’s almost as big as you are.

    • Back here on the countryside we didn’t use milk shoots. Most of the people were at home in those days.
      Imagine that container filled with chocolate milk…

      PS: I’m not from the UK. I’m living in Belgium, somewhere in the countryside…

      • Dah, of course I should know that…Ik ben dom. Thanks for reminding me.

        Belgium is beautiful. I’ve been to Brugge and Brussels…I wish we could have spent more time in the countryside….somewhere 😉

        Giant containers of Belgium chocolate milk? Heerlijk!!! (ha that’s a handy word to know in Belgium)

        • Please play attention to this blog my dear Kelly…!! 😉
          But hey, your Dutch words makes it all okay! Thank you for that…

          Please visit the countryside where Bowie lives the next time. Lots of containers with chocolate milk are just around the corner in each town…

  3. Ah, the opposite here! My father was a dairy farmer and we weren’t allowed to skim the cream. Have a funny relationship with milk now. Do remember those lovely milk cans though but only have a full-sized churn now. Mr Bowie could bathe in that tough 😉

    • When we were growing up everything was for free: milk, buttermilk, chocolate milk, yogurt… I really miss those days…
      There’s a very beautiful big milk can in my Dad’s apartment. I always wanted to fill it with chocolate milk…

  4. Love the old photos – your Dad must have caused more than one housewife’s heart to flutter with that grand smile of his! A most handsome guy…..and Bowie looks like he’s protecting “his” milk container quite nicely – that’s a wonderful thing for you to have by the way. I vote for chocolate ANYTHING – in fact I had a cup of hot chocolate this morning!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Oh no!! Hot chocolate milk… Can I make one now before I go to bed? Please…??

      My Dad is one of the oldest inhabitants in town. He’s still the most popular man around. Everybody knows him and loves him…

    • I find it hard to believe myself… That’s the only picture we got. Unfortunately they had no digital cameras in those days…

  5. I think he was communing with his granddad. Goodness he’s cute. And I agree with OneSpoiledCat, he was quite handsome in his deliveries! Just wonder how he used a bicycle with all that liquid weight shifting around with every turn! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • I asked my Dad about the weight shifting, he told me it was very difficult to ride the bicycle in a straight way. He must have been an acrobat!
      After the bicycle he also used a delivery wagon and a motorbike for the deliveries.

    • Ja, echt jammer dat er toen amper foto’s werden getrokken. Mijn vader heeft ook nog met een kar en een brommer melk verkocht. Daar hebben we helaas geen foto’s van…

  6. Oh wow Herman! purrfect! What a great remembrance of wonderful days. When my father passed many years ago, one of the things I kept was an old canteen we used to take with us on back pack trips. Not much use anymore, but even the smell of it brought back great memories.

    • We recovered a lot of beautiful accessories from our parents’ house. I’ll write a post about it later next week…

    • Thank you Bugs. We found some other things that belonged to my Mother. I’ll write a post about it somewhere this week I hope.

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