Eye for an Eye

The daily hygiene of cats and babies. Sometimes, your cat’s eyes may get runny or weepy and a crust may form. If this crust is allowed to remain, it could block the tear ducts and become an infection. Consequently, it is important to know the proper way to clean your cat’s eyes in order to keep them healthy and infection-free.
Although your cat is very fastidious about personal grooming, he might need a little help around the eyes. Once every couple of days, dampen a soft washcloth with distilled water (room temperature), and gently wipe your cat’s eyes. This is especially helpful for breeds prone to “tear staining” (such as Persians), and may be done daily to help reduce the problem.
(Source: How To Clean Stuff.net)

I needed a sterile, physiological solution for cleaning Mr. Bowie’s eyes.The pharmacist asked me how old the baby was. I said, ‘ Three years old. It’s a boy. His name is Bowie but you can call him Mr. Bowie.’

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    • Welcome on HoB my dear Australian fans! Your visits are much appreciated.
      Mr. Bowie is getting better, he’s almost fully recovered.

    • He was a bit surprised but could laugh with my response…
      Two days later when I had to go back he ask how Mr. Bowie was doing. That was nice of him…

  1. Thanks for sharing! Bosco also has a teary eye, I know British Shorthair cats are prone to it.

    It also reminds of this one time when my mom and I went to the baby department in a toys store to buy a safety lock for Cooper. He kept opening my fridge, so I needed a solution. The couple right next to us was quite confused hearing our conversation ;).

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